How Does This Affect My Organization?

Employers MUST provide "Employee Notice of Coverage Options" to their employees!


  • Notify Current Employees by October 1st.
  • Notify New Hires hired AFTER October 1st through December, within 14 days of the start of their employment.
  • Employees should sign a receipt of this notification.
  • Employer should retain these receipt(s).
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Because the employer mandate provision only applies to "Applicable Large Employers" (ALE), then each employer must first determine whether the business employees more or less than 50 full time employees. For employers that are not certain about whether the average of full-time employee and full-time equivalent employees (FTEs) will match 50 or more, then determining if you are an "Applicable Large Employer" becomes critically important.

Determine your status as a Small or Large Business Employer

The provisions of the Affordable Care Act and its subsequent employer obligations, along with potential tax credits start with determining whether you are:

  • Click [HERE] to determine if you are a small or large business employer.
  • If you are a Small Business Employer (employing the equivalent of less than 50 Full-Time Employees), your business may qualify for the Small Business Tax Credit. The maximum credit is currently 35% for small business owners and will increase to 50% starting January 1, 2014.
  • If you are a Large Business Employer (employing the equivalent of 50 or more Full-Time Employees), compliance is critical!. Employers will need to track monthly hours to determine qualification, define full time employees versus full-time equivalent (FTEs) employees, health care must be adequate and affordable, and employers may be assessed with penalties.

All entities with Common Ownership, as in a control-group, are taken into account when determining if an employer is an applicable large employer (ALE). Clients should work with their tax and legal consultants for clarification on how this provision applies to their particular businesses.

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