This tool is available to help determine if your company qualifies as an ALE ( Applicable Large Employer ).
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Employers MUST calculate the number of FTEs , not just full-time employees, to determine their compliance obligation. For the purposes of this provision, full-time employees are defined as working an average of 30 hours per week or 130 hours per calendar month. A full-time employee IS DIFFERENT from a Full-Time Equivalent Employee FTE..

The FTE calculation uses the hours worked for all employees who were NOT full-time in a given month, divided by 120 and adding this to the number of full-time employees.

The Calculator below will help you quickly identify if you fall under the category of a SMALL or LARGE business employer, by determining how many full-time-equivalent employees your business currently uses.

Pay-Cycle No# Working this Pay-Period Total Hours Worked No# of FTEs

1. F/T Salaried Employees ( N/A Staffing )
2. F/T Hourly Employees ( N/A )
3. P/T Hourly Employees

Total Employees Total FTEs